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Vans latest skate video puts suits in the spotlight

Street skating in the corporate world

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Four Frenchmen and one Dutchman take a 10-day trip South Korea. It might sound like the opener to a really terrible joke, but this combination makes for Vans latest exploration of street skating. The natural juxtaposition between the skaters and the businessmen in the city allows for shots that are as stunning as they are thought-provoking.

“I did a boring computer job, I was one of them.” To become one of the many faces in a foot-traffic sea of suits is a fear shared by many globally. ‘Endless Light’ serves an uplifting reminder that we often divide our time, between our energetic outlets and corporate lifestyles, where instead we can create our own “reality”.

Leaving one’s desk only after the sun has set in South Korea’s capital Seoul eludes to the intensity of a grind that leaves little room for actual life. The short flick really makes you question what you’re doing with your time and flexes some pretty impressive talents as well, so be sure to give it a watch in the gallery above.

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