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Weekly updates

Cats get a bad rap, everyone is always going on about the unconditional love of dogs and their dedication and loyalty – but the reality is that they’re generally just too stupid to fend for themselves. Cats on the other hand, you’ve got to earn their respect. The thing is though, once you break through their tough outer layer of aloofness, they become your best bro for life. Not like, in a super needy way – more like a reassuring presence who’ll check in on you from time to time to make sure you’re doing okay. But rest assured, if shit goes down – they’ve got your back.

Just check out this video from youtube user¬†Roger Triantafilo, which shows a vicious dog attack on his young son being thwarted by possibly the bravest cat in history. Not only does the feline break up the mauling, it also runs the much larger dog off the property. And judging by the bites it had already sunk into the boy’s leg, it intervened just in time.