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Obviously this guy is serious because he can’t be tripping, he has nowhere to purchase his drugs from anymore. We are exposed to the raw emotional consequences of the take down of notorious drug site, Silk Road*, in this moving rendition of the Boyz II Men hit, End of the Road, made by an ex-user of the site. Complete with karaoke style sing-along screen lyrics and a (now obsolete?) bong, this thing is legit.

Understandably, all this sentiment and trap shoulder action might have you overwhelmed, so here’s an overview to get you up to speed. Dred/Pirate refers to site owner, Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts. “Two people dead was that you Mr. Dred?” is referring to the alleged hit DPR had on one of his users, and the nerdy looking dweeb with the faint dirty sanchez mo that cameos in the vid is actually Ulbricht.

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Melissa Zheliba

*If you just discovered the internet and want to impress people at parties with your extensive knowledge of the topic read some more here.