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One of the similarities between Australian and American culture is our one-eyed obsession with competitive sport. We love it. And we’re good at it. But, as demonstrated in this clip, there are still a lot of things we have to learn about each other and, even between two First World english-speaking countries, things can get lost in translation.

Sport-centric ESPN recently took a few minutes to review our national sport recently and the results are hilariously inaccurate (though not altogether unexpected). Mispronunciation, over-the-top reactions and a gimmicky soundtrack just add to the bizarreness of this segment.

We’d like to think that sports journalists do have a well-rounded understanding of all sports played internationally, but it’s not entirely clear whether they were actually taking the piss or not. Either way, bonafide AFL fans will not take this lightly (just take a glance at the Youtube comments). Check out the video above.

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