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Weekly updates

Vice‘s nerdy cousin Motherboard TV have released a sombre documentary on the Darknet, deep web and how easy it is to conduct nefarious activities, such as; buying contraband items like guns, drugs, host to paedophilia forums and hiring hitmen. Not one to stay biased they also explore the other side of the coin, addressing online privacy for whistle-blowers, activists, normal internet users in oppressed countries like Iran and China and anybody else who aren’t fans of being spied upon by large corporations and governments.

Speaking to hacktivists,  cryptospecialists, gun peddlers, the founder of Tor server Moritz Bartl, an Iranian journalist and others, host Tom Littlewood weighs up the good with the bad and questions “do we want the devil we know or the devil we don’t?”. In the struggle against big brother government and large corporations are we also enabling the darkside of human nature?

Mica Nantes