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For many of us, putt-putt golf is something you did at a dilapidated “theme park” on family holidays as a kid. But some guys take it as seriously as any other sport that would see grown men in polo shirts brought close to tears.

US sports blog Grantland has created a video featuring a group of middle-aged American men reliving the best day of their sporting lives, when IT manager Rick Baird made mini golf history by completing a perfect 18-hole game of putt-putt. Apparently it’s one of only three such games to be recorded.

The guys engage in all the normal sports clichés about focus and determination, and apply them to a game that often features giant plastic novelty animals on its course. The historic perfect putt-putt game is re-created through some clever animation, and the passion these guys have for it is pretty endearing.

Check out the video above.