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In a skateboarding era dominated by single trick stunts, polished High Definition footage and even more polished Californian concrete, it’s refreshing to see gritty street skating in its purest form.

The boys at Traffic Skateboards, an indy skate company based in New York and fronted by 90’s skate pioneer Ricky Oyola, have just dropped Traffic Patterns – a team montage showcasing Traffic’s raw image and classic street skating vibes.

These guys keep it real, traversing the rough streets of New York, utilising cellar doors, popping up gutters in between tricks, and even narrowly avoiding getting hit by cars in the process.

Filmed entirely on a Sony VX1000 (produced by Sony in 1995), Traffic’s big middle-finger to High-Def filming and perfect skate-spots instills hope in an otherwise money-driven skateboard industry, awash with energy drink sponsorships and corporate interference.

Ed Gurr 

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