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Weekly updates

Yeah, you read right. Experts at the European Space Agency have confirmed a one-tonne satellite is falling from space at this very moment. The spacecraft, Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer, aka GOCE, is dropping at 2.5 miles a day and is predicted to hit Earth on either Sunday or Monday in two weeks time. Cool. The European Space Agency have also confirmed that rather than building a bunker and raiding local supermarkets, everybody should take a chill pill because a) by the time it is broken up, the size of the affected area is 15 – 20 square yards, which is not even as big as an American football field, and b) apparently this kind of thing happens all the time without tragic or comedic injuries ensuing.

Despite this, the chance of this spacecraft hitting someone is not zero, but let’s be honest that story would make for a great episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive. Am I right?

Melissa Zheliba

P.S the picture was just a joke.