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Lately, Marc Echō’s Complex media enterprise has been succesfully building its video content base around larger features, higher collaborations and a wider scope. Echō has now recruited long-time friend Spike Lee to collaborate on a branded advertising venture that will create branded content which is more informed of its audience. Basically, Lee and Echō are pooling their know-how to offer branded videos that don’t come off like they spawned from a corporate think tank.

Spike Lee’s previous advertising work, like his 1991 Jordan commercial below, foreshadow the potential products the two are likely to come up with.

Echō expounded a touch more on how their branded videos will differ from others in the Wall Street Journal interview above, albeit a little cryptically because “loose lips sink ships”:

The  80’s was all about; if you were a skater you were only into skateboarding, if were a punk, you were only into punk, if you were into hip hop you didn’t mess with the skateboarders. Everyone stayed in their silos. But when broad band came and the cable truck showed up, the rules changed. The 90’s transformed that interest graph and obviously today its that much more fractured. So we have a vary diverse audience that when you map it, it looks like the internet, but the interests align in a way that traditional media planners will look at us and our competitors, and [see that] our competitors do overly broad content. They cast a wide net, and get this much of an audience. Our thesis is: go narrow and deep, and the audience will come.’

We’re hoping this collaboration will build a base of interesting, fresh content with brands that understand the needs of Complex’s viewer base.

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