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Watch: Stephen Colbert goes full Kanye in Late Show rant

"I feel like if Mark Zuckerberg gave me $53 million I could buy more shoes"

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In case you missed it, Ellen Degeneres scored another coup for her daytime television show, by having Kanye West return for a recent episode. Things started out normal enough (as normal goes for Yeezus) but Ye was quickly allowed to take over an eight-minute block of pure Yeezy rhetoric. Nobody else spoke as Kanye unleashed his latest train of thought, which obviously included making clothes, needing more money, and generally how influential he is (or could be.. come on, Zuckerberg).

This has obviously made West the subject of many fresh new memes, GIFs, and parodies, and The Late Show host Stephen Colbert is the latest to jump on the wagon. Recapping the sometimes bizarre diatribe first, Colbert then goes on to demonstrate how much he understands Yeezy by going on a bit of a rant himself. Building on Kanye’s framework with his own distinct issues (why aren’t hot dog buns as long as the hot dogs themselves?), Colbert had the audience in stitches with his nonsensical speech. Watch the hilariousness above.

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