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Two years after the idea first went viral, Street Pong – or ActiWait as it’s now known – has officially hit the streets of Germany. The unique concept takes an ordinary pair of pedestrian crossing buttons and turns them into interactive multiplayer video games that also tell crossers exactly when the lights will change.

On one hand, the gadget acts solely as a depressing reminder that humans are getting way too impatient these days. But, on the other, it’s a great example of technology being used for the good of humanity.

Aside from curing boredom, the ActiWait has some other benefits too: it also encourages strangers to interact and gives pedestrians another reason not to jaywalk. The concept which started off as a university assignment for founders Amelie Kunzler and Sandro Engel now has them in serious talks with major cities all over the world.

Check out the concept video above for the full ActiWait experience.

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