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Cowboys and dinosaurs are a pretty unlikely pairing. So unlikely, it’s probably why no major studio picked up this film. Even Cowboys & Aliens was a bit much for Daniel Craig and who would want to compete at the box office with the new Jurassic Park?

This inevitably so-bad-it’s-good B-movie follows a tried and true plot formula within the genre. When an explosion in a mine releases dinosaurs from an underground cave into a small town, it’s up to the modern day cowboys to defend the people from all manner of dinosaurs. You might be snorting with incredulity at the sound of this, but just remember that earlier this month, Chinese construction workers discovered dinosaur eggs while excavating a site. This leads me to believe that everything you see in this trailer COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN IRL.

Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs will be available for download on iTunes and Google Play from May 19.

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