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For some people, the Bronx exists purely through its portrayal in crime films like The Godfather, songs like Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Jenny from the Block’ or negative news stories that manage to make headlines on a global scale. For them, it can be easy to forget that the same tales of antagonism that make the New York City borough so culturally significant also affect many people on a day-to-day basis.

In conjunction with Victory journal, photographer Will Robson-Scott has made it his sole mission to show us the real South Bronx and how one unique high school basketball program has provided a genuine glimpse of hope for the entire community.

Since first opening its doors to students in an old factory, of all places, The Wings Academy has come a long way, cementing itself as a force in NYC public school basketball whilst achieving an almost perfect graduation rate. This is both due to the strictly enforced academic benchmarks for athletes and the tireless efforts of teachers and coaching staff who are sick of watching talented young men fall victim to the pitfalls of society.

For those of us whose only exposure to these pitfalls is through a daily dose of negative news articles it sure is refreshing to see such a positive, tangible response to the problem.

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