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Both Chad Smith and Chad Smith  Will Ferrell have got some good shine of this whole wearing the same face thing. Smith rocks up to rock events wearing ‘I am not Will Ferrell’ t-shirts and Ferrell’s Smithliness was the subject of his, thanks to Redditors for his AMA. Chad “Three-Words-A-Sentence” Smith didn’t take kindly to Ferrell’s identity theft posting the the below video and challenged Ferrell to a  drum battle for the grail of a golden cow bell.

After months of heavy anticipation, and $300k raised for Cancer For College, the two drummernaughts will finally battle at The Tonight Show’s thunderdome on May 22. According to Rolling Stone, the pair will be using the event to raise funds for the aforementioned charity, as well as Little Kids Rock.

There are rumours going that a side bet is in place between the two for pedicures and mowed lawns but more likely the loser will be forced to rip up their birth certificate and be banished to the exile of whatever dark timeline from where they spawned.

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