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Wiz Khalifa vented his frustration on Twitter overnight, following a situation with airport security in LA. The rapper was “slammed and cuffed”, which also appears to be depicted in some blurry images, because he refused to stop using his ‘hoverboard’ through the airport. The self-balancing segway has been pretty popular among the rap set, but obviously did not sit well with those at customs at LAX.

Short online footage, shared by Wiz himself, shows a relatively calm conversation occurring between the rapper and a bunch of customs officers, which is in stark contrast to the image of Wiz on the floor, being cuffed. This is sure to ignite more debate around law enforcement in the US… and whether hoverboards are, in fact, what everyone will be using in six months time. Despite the brief tirade, Wiz seems pretty chill about it now. Although we’re keen to see that Khalifa-designed board some time soon.

See how things panned out in the gallery above.

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