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Some people are calling it a set-up, while others see it as just plain stupidity, but the bizarre incident between a 25-year-old woman and a police officer at yesterday’s Melbourne Cup has landed the former in court. In case you missed it, a woman was conveniently captured on camera, directly walking up to a police officer and pushing him into a flower bed. With heavy security on premises for the major event, it didn’t take long for the woman to be escorted away by police and she will face court later this month on charges of assaulting police.

It’s been reported that the woman, who hasn’t been named, posted on the station’s Facebook page “You forgot to mention that you told me to do it”, which seems to be a theory held by many others, as shared in the comprehensive comments section under the original post. It does look a little too ridiculous too be true but then again, this is the Melbourne Cup, and if there’s one thing we do know about it, is that people will put on their best outfits to be on their worst behaviour for that first Tuesday in November. Check out the footage above and judge for yourself.

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