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Instagram is a social media platform that’s all about the flex. From how you look, to what you wear, to how much money you can spend on expertly crafted, tinily-portioned food.

In order to improve the restaurant food photography experience, Israeli wine makers Carmel Winery teamed up with Tel Aviv restaurant Catit to create the worlds first ever dinner specifically designed for smartphone photography. Food at the restaurant is served on custom designed plates which allow for the best possible image.

The dinner plate called Limbo is like a mini photo studio featuring a high back and phone stand. The 360 is a plate which sits on a revolving stand, much like a lazy susan, and is designed for food video.

There is no news yet on if the plates will be commercially produced or sold to other restaurants. Let’s hope for the sake of our stomachs that they don’t start showing up everywhere, I prefer to spend time actually consuming my food and not working out which angle it looks best from.



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