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Weekly updates

Miracle upon miracles, yelling “Pizza!” at your TV might actually get you pizza. X-Box 360 and Pizza Hut are finally delivering on an idea they had to make pizza more easily attainable to video gamers worldwide. You weren’t actually planning on hitting pause on Call of Duty to get up from the couch to crack open your laptop – or God forbid the phone book–in order to call the nearest pizza joint for cheesy goodness shipped directly to your door were you?

Good. Forget that noise. All you have to do is use your X-Box Live account to access the Pizza Hut app, navigate through the interactive menu and customize your pizza pie. You can then share your pizza choices with friends via Facebook, and they’ll either turn green with envy or ignore it like they do the rest of your terribly unimportant pizza-related statuses. The X-Box X Pizza Hut team even integrated Kinect technology to make it possible to use your hands for topping selections, or you could just say what you want into the receiver. Welcome to pizza 2.0. Get even lazier.

Dwayne L. Yates