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In case you didn’t already think that Pokémon GO had sent a lot of fairly normal folks bat shit crazy, you might now.

In a marriage of two of the world’s biggest obsessions atm, Sydney burger pop up Down N’ Out (a play on the famous Californian franchise In N’ Out Burger) have spent four weeks  creating Pokéburgers—perfect for an energy boost after those hours you spent chasing that sneaky Charizard.

Ben Kagan, the creative director (yeah there’s a creative director for burgers) says the burgers flavours are inspired by the characters they represent. Simply put, someone has genuinely sat down and had a nice long hard think about what our fave Pokémon’s would taste like. Bets are on them being hella stoned when those thoughts occurred.

The burgers are available in Charmander, Bulbasaur and of course, Pikachu. Each is served with a “Pokéburg” card that lists what makes up your meal. Abilities include melty cheese.

The limited edition burgers are $15 a pop and only available from Tuesday, August 23 until Sunday, September 3 so get in quick because you gotta eat ‘em all.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates