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You can help Leo (finally) win his Oscar with this video game

Dodge the Paparazzi, chase after other celebrities, Leo NEEDS this Oscar

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Leonardo DiCaprio is on all of our minds, and not just because we kind of want his life. It’s only two weeks until the 88th Academy Awards and Leo is yet to call an Oscar his, despite his many hit movies in, well, his entire career, really.

The Line Animation has released a new video game in light of Leo’s attempts to get the career-fulfilling Oscar that has eluded him for so long. The arcade-style game lets you help the actor run down the red carpet as he dodges paparazzi and has to overcome other celebrities in order to get possession of the award. It features mini games of his best acting scenes and allows you to collect as many Emmys and Golden Globes as possible.

Appropriately named Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, you can play the game here, and maybe if you do enough times, he might get over the line this year and go down in Oscars history.

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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