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Weekly updates

Yesterday, we hit you with our top 10 Tips For Surviving Summer Festival Season – a list created by exhaustive trial and error on behalf the good staff here at ACCLAIM. One of our contributors disagreed – here, in her own words – is a step-by-step guide to making it through festival season dignity, makeup, and Klout score intact.

‘As a high maintenance, 100% bad bitch – the first thing you need to do is question why the fuck you are going to a festival in the midst of summer. The answer is probably that one of your “friends” blackmailed/tricked you into coming, the dude you’re currently lingering is playing on the bill or that particular international DJ isn’t doing any sideshows and you NEED a photo with him for your socials. Whatever led you to this particular scenario deserves a #FML post aggregated through Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook immediately. Now push your calorie counter aside, stuff your mouth full of chocolate and at least pretend to listen to wise words from a diva.’

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