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The 2024 All-Stars Cypher Has Arrived

DSP, Goobsy, Brazen Barbie, DEVAURA and Dxvndre go in over production from emjaysoul production

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DSP, Goobsy, Brazen Barbie, DEVAURA and Dxvndre bring the heat in their 2024 Acclaim All-Stars cypher. Producer of the year emjaysoul on the beat.

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The 2024 Acclaim All-Stars is presented by JD Sports and supported by Up Bank and Puma.

Production Company: OneHouse (@onehouse)
Director: Ben J. Read (@newbeny)
Producer: Max Kearsley (@maxkearsley)
DOP: Cameron Mitchell (cam_mitchell_)
Gaffer: Christian Abernethy (@c.abernethy)
Camera Operator: Walt Mather (@waltmather)
Camera Operator: Simon Kim (@simonkiiim)
Camcorder: Hia Chaudhuri (@hiachaudhuri)
Sound Recordist: Kieren Tucker (@kierentucker)
Executive Producers (Acclaim): Cass Navarro (@cacheone) & Dan Pardalis (@danpardalis)
Make Up / Hair: Natalia Poposka (@talimakeupartistry)
Styling: DocG (@docg_)
Photography: Wilhelm Phillip (@wilhelmphilipp)
Sound Mix: Ben Irawan (@elon_bust)
Edit: Ben J. Read (@newbeny) & Cameron Mitchell (@cam_mitchell_)
Sound Design: Ben J. Read (@newbeny)
Colour: Cameron Mitchell (cam_mitchell_)
Graphic Design: Space Studio (@spacebound.tm)

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