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6 Melbourne food spots Action Bronson should visit, according to these culinary lyrics

With Bronsolini set to play Melbourne's Forum Theatre, here are some local eateries he should sample while he's in town

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While hip-hop and food might seem like strange bed fellows, New York rapper Action Bronson has mastered the art of dropping culinary references throughout his rhymes. The former chef’s passion for food isn’t just restricted to his raps, with Bronson hosting his own series, Fuck, That’s Delicious, enabling him the opportunity to travel the world and sample cuisine from some of the best chefs and restaurants.

Currently touring the country in support of last year’s major label debut, Mr. Wonderful, Bam Bam is also shooting footage for the second season of his popular foodie program. With Melbourne being the food capital of Australia, we thought we’d help Bronson out by listing some local food spots he should visit while here, based on his most mouth-watering cuisine related lyrics.

  • Words: Tobias Handke

01. “Strictly cop and go’s, until we laid in the Galapagos / Eating Tacos, higher than an opera note” – Pouches Of Tuna (Blue Chips)

While finding a decent taco in the Galapagos might be a mean feat, there’s no lack of options when it comes to Mexican in Melbourne. Based on traditional Mexican street food, Trippy Taco is one of the city’s best, offering tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and both a breakfast and dessert menu. All food is vegetarian too (with vegan and gluten free choices), and while this might surprise some, the lack of meat doesn’t take away from the explosion of favours you experience when chowing down on the classic Trippy Taco with black beans.


02. “Chuck Knolauch / Spicy coconut curry from that Thai spot” – Terry (Mr. Wonderful)

Located above the infamous night spot, Revolver, Colonel Tan’s is exactly the type of eatery you can imagine Bronson visiting. Named after its colourful owner and decked out in retro fittings, this cosy restaurant fuses classic Thai delicacies with American flavours. Offering a wide selection of curries, stir-frys and speciality dishes, including the famed Bangkok Bolognaise, Colonel Tan’s delivers top-notch food at affordable prices in the heart of Prahran.


03. “Wood burning brick oven, shit with the furnace / Quattro formaggio” – Tapas (Blue Chips)

Having just held its very own pizza festival last weekend, it’s fair to say Melbourne knows pizza, but few pizzerias are as authentic as 400 Gradi. Founded by Johnny Di Francesco, whose family hails form Naples—the spiritual home of the pizza—400 Gradi serves authentic wood oven pizzas cooked at the ideal temperature of 400 degrees. The menu is extensive, including pasta dishes, antipasti, and a mouth-watering selection of Italian meats and cheeses that will leave you believing you’re dining in Italy itself.


04. “Barehanded snatch up a octopus I’m a winner / Grill it, hit it with the olive oil and lemon” – It Concerns Me (Blue Chips 2)

Bronson’s tastes are as varied as his raps, so if it’s octopus he’s after, look no further than Lamaro’s Bodega. The woodfired octopus, served with potato, broadbeans and squid ink is just one of many the standout dishes from this South Melbourne institute. Inspired by Spanish and South American flavours, with all ingredients sourced locally, Lamaro’s Bodega is all about fresh produce, fantastic flavours and a homely dinning experience.


05. “Rock this Shawn Kemp, kamikaze / Burning cheese, saganaki” – The Rockers (Saab Stories)

For the uninitiated, saganaki is a Greek delicacy cooked in a small pan of the same name. Served as an appetiser, saganaki is best described as fried cheese, similar to haloumi. Like the legend Shawn Kemp, saganaki is a classic dish everyone can enjoy, and few do it better than Hellenic Republic. Specialising in Greek food with a modern twist, the restaurant also serves over 16 varieties of ouzo, which is a feat in itself.


06. “Eating chicken parmesan in the holding cell / My feet up, hitting my G Pen, yeah, you know me well” – Practice (Blue Chips 2)

It doesn’t get more Aussie than a chicken parma, or ‘parmesan’ as the Yanks like to say. A staple of any good pub, the choices are endless, but The Birmingham Hotel is a clear favourite. Not only are the parmas massive, but the Birmy isn’t shy with the toppings, covering the cooked-to-perfection chicken with Napoli sauce, strip upon strip of ham and layers of scrumptious cheese, also offering a generous amount of chips on the side. Head there on a Tuesday, conveniently the same day Bronson plays the Forum, and you only pay 10 bones. Bargain!