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Weekly updates

So in case you missed the memo, Perth will be heaving on August 17th for the first ever CIRCO Festival thanks to I.C.S.S.C and Metric Promotions. Boasting a huge lineup of international and local talent, it’s no wonder they moved over 1000 tickets in the first hour and a half. Not bad Perth, not fucking bad. Pan to the rest of Australia and I’m witnessing tantrums, smudged mascara and getting T-O-L-D that it’s completely within budget and justified to purchase an impulse plane ticket to Perth. If this describes you, then I admire your dedication. For the rest of you bratty babes, all hope is not lost – well, if you live in Melbourne anyway.

It’s time to whip out the wet wipes and give your makeup a retouch because we have partnered up with our friends at All Good and Basement 279 to bring you a triple threat. Damn straight, I’m talking about an official CIRCO sideshow. So who is playing? A 3 tiered headline, duh! Because everyone knows that all good shit comes packaged as a trio.

Jordan, Pippen & Rodman.

Left Eye, Chilli & T-Boz.

John, Jack & Heather.

Archie, Betty & Veronica.

Ash, Misty & Brock.

Oh, but you already know I’m talking about GROUNDISLAVA, JEROME LOL & WAVY SPICE!

Anyone who knows what the Internet is should be hopped on this bill. “!!!” basically describes my level of emojis right now. FYI this will be Wavy Spice’s first time in Australia, same deal with Jerome LOL. Make them feel welcome and get your bubble butt down to The Liberty Social on Friday August 16th. It will more than likely sell out, so go on and purchase your tickets HERE