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Remember those times in primary school when everyone would crowd around the swing sets for a better view of an argument that had popped off and became a war of words. This is sometimes called a ‘roast’ in certain parts of the world. Who knows how they start, but the verbal sparring would usually lead to how wack someone’s shoes were or how fat their mother is, and it always made for a good laugh for a bystander even if fists stayed out of the equation. Well, this exact thing pretty much just happened between ScHoolboy Q and Action Bronson via Vine, and it was hilarious.

Unfortunately, we hit that stage in the roast where one person was clearly losing but trying to keep their pride intact by continuing with the jokes even though they kept falling flat. That person was ScHoolboy Q, who clearly had one tactic in this thing, which was to concentrate on Action Bronson’s weight. While Action Bronson, who’s completely content with being fat as fuck and is naturally hilarious, went in on ScHoolboy’s bucket hat collection and confidence. See for yourself below.

Round 1

ScHoolboy Q gets the heaux on cam to set the precedent that the heaux think Action Bronson is too fat.

Action basically says Schoolboy looks like Oscar The Grouch in his signature Bucket Hat. We don’t disagree.

Winner: Action Bronson. We love that the heaux are on your side, ScHoolboy Q. But damn, Action Bronson just got you by coming at the bucket hat.

Round 2

ScHoolboy Q undergoes body augmentation to achieve the Action Bronson look.

Action alleges ScHoolboy uses mascara daily to achieve his face tatt–rap look.

Winner: Action Bronson. C’mon, son. One of these Vines wasn’t even funny.

Round 3

Is this what it looks like when Action Bronson gets sleepy? Probably.

Action Bronson does an impression of ScHoolboy’s morning mirror pep talk.

Winner: ScHoolboy Q. We’re just being nice.

It’s time for ScHoolboy to hand over his lunch money. If you do math well, you see that Action Bronson won this one best two out of three.

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