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Soulja Boy’s Breakfast Club Interview is a Wild Must Watch

Taking shots at Kayne, Drake, Tyga, and... Kat Stacks?

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Soulja Boy‘s been in the media a lot in the last couple of months. Whether it’s for his Ali Express gaming consoles¬†and watches, or his strong proclamations about having the best comeback in 2018 (PAGING TYGA!?!!), Soulja Boy seems to be on a quest to prove that he’s still here and going strong.

All of this was touched on in a 50 minute interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club, where he came at a majority of the rap game. There’s almost too many gems here to list, but our favourite moment has to be him taking a shot at Drake; who he’d previously collaborated with in 2014 on the song ‘We Made It’. Champagne Papi’s name came up when Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Lee proposed that Meek Mill had the best comeback of 2018, citing his release from prison, reconciliation with Drake, and successful album rollout. Soulja Boy responded by dissing Drizzy’s Pusha T feud and his role in Degrassi.

There’s also the unboxing of his highly anticipated, hardly received Soulja Game, his criticisms of Kanye West and Tyga, and his descriptive recount of escaping a L.A mudslide. Really, you need to experience this for yourself. Check out The Breakfast Club’s interview with Soulja Boy below.

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