Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

I’m going to avoid any in-or-out of the ‘box’ puns for this one, which may discourage you from watching the Terminator-like video above. Despite the fact it’s a YouTube clip, this one will leave you leaning millimetres away from the screen, breathing a little to heavily for a Tuesday afternoon. The reason – that it is the trailer for the highly ambitious audio/visual experience of ‘ISAM’ by the indomitable electronic producer Amon Tobin. Moving away from the laptop-bass-bin-grungy-room where this sort of music usually dwells, is… this. Whilst he’s only touring it in select cities across the world (London’s O2 Arena, Coachella, Vivid Live) and the Sydney show is sold out, he’s appearing in Melbourne next Tuesday at the Palace Theatre and there’s a few tickets left here.

ISAM is a futuristic step forward for audio/visual experiences. Surrounding Tombin’s performance are three-dimensional cubes that total nearly 25 feet in height, that create a intensive light show that react to the musc. It’s basically like nothing before, ever.