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Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals bring all the soul to their Tiny Desk Concert

The perfect pick-me-up gig for anyone experiencing a 'Come Down'

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Ask Anderson .Paak how he would describe his band and he’ll tell you that “these are the Free Nationals. Different assortments of nationalities. Um… these are my only friends as well so it’s good. We’ve been playing for a while.” Well yeah, it’s been a while for them at least. Anderson .Paak’s 2016 breakthrough is, albeit, one of the best things that has ever happened to us but it also leaves one wanting to shake him and ask “where have you been all my life?” We know for a fact that the colossal feel-good vibes of his last album Malibu would have been much appreciated the past couple years but alas, his freshman album only dropped this January. Either way, since then we have been blessed with a decent handful of live performances and this recent one for Tiny Desk is no exception to the reputation he is building for unmatchable stage presence (even though this time, it’s a desk, rather than a stage).

Tiny Desk puts up intimate video performances which are all recorded live at the desk of the host Bob Boilen and it is, as Paak puts it, “tiny desk, big heart.” With a set list comprising of ‘Come Down,’ ‘Heart Don’t Stand A Chance,’ ‘Put Me Thru’ and ‘Suede’, this gig is made to be a pick-me-up, perhaps if you’re in a bit of a “come down” yourself. The last song comes as request and it’s pretty great watching them try to figure out how to get started and after a cheeky restart they get right into the thick of it. Check it out below and thank us later for your entire soul is about to be warmed by Paak’s ear-to-ear smile.

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