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Andrei Eremin’s new project is an ode to the beauty of Studio Ghibli

How Hayao Miyazaki has inspired the producer's latest project

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Remix culture is often hit and miss. Some things are better left separate (I mean, Coldplay and The Chainsmokers didn’t really need to make a song together, did they?), other things are just right for each other. Such is the case with the coupling of sounds from Hayao Miyazaki’s filmography with the catchiness of lo-fi hip-hop beats – exactly what record producer, Andrei Eremin, has been working on lately.

The Melbourne based creative is currently putting together a mixtape inspired by the 15 year anniversary of Spirited Away, in which he samples all of Miyazaki’s iconic animations and blends them seamlessly with his own contemporary sound palette. The project is yet to be released in full but we are lucky enough to have a taste-tester from the project titled, the sublime ‘One Summer’.

Released yesterday, the track transports somewhat familiar sound bites from Spirited Away to completely foreign territory. The work is reminiscent of Pogo, the producer well known for his re-imaginings of Disney. And, just like Pogo, Eremin is using a moniker separate from his formal name for the project, giving himself the name: Ghosting.

Whatever he decides to call himself, we’re just excited to hear more. Listen to ‘One Summer’ above and keep an eye out for Reimagining Miyazaki in the very near future.

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