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Are we finally getting DOOMSTARKS?

The album that we've been waiting for

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It’s been around four years since Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM graced us with the track ‘Victory Laps’ from their DOOMSTARKS collaboration. The two have hinted that a collaborative album was on its way but being the enigma that DOOM is, no one was certain when it would surface. But it could be coming very soon as the the Wu-Tang affiliate posted what could possibly be the artwork for the album on Facebook.

If this wasn’t enough, last year Ghostface sat down with Let’s Link Radio and told them that “I [he] talked to DOOM’s people. DOOM is ready now. He’s been had the material, so he said he wants to drop that in February.”

Check out ‘Victory Laps’ and ‘Lively Hood’ by DOOMSTARKS in the gallery above.

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