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We got the 411 on ASAP Rocky's Sydney listening party

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This past weekend in Sydney saw the Australian launch party of ASAP Rocky’s Testing, his third studio album and his first in over 3 years. With a rollout that had all our heads turning, fans were eager to see how this album was going to play out, and it culminated in an incredibly exclusive event/exhibition curated by Chris Loutfy.

This launch was part listening session part gallery, As Sydney music goers basked in the industrial decor, set to the scene of the new album. Loutfy had planted abrasive, yellow caution tape all throughout the venue, along with some steampunk-esque concoctions and machine-like props. People walked around the room sporting lab coats, representing that you were now inside the mind of Rocky. Small TVs and projectors around the installation illuminated in imagery surrounding the new project, truly bringing the Testing experience to life.

While visually, Loutfy had perfectly captured the themes of the album and the Berlin vibes where in which Rocky recorded, the music spoke for itself. Transitioning from obscure, grimy bangers to luscious slow tunes, Testing had people both bobbing and swaying. Songs like ‘Tony Tone’ and ‘Praise Tha Lord’ seemed to be amongst crowd favourites, and you could tell fans had been waiting a long time for some new Flacko. Luckily, it paid off accordingly, with the only contrast being the red cups to the yellow and black colours of the album’s thematic vision. I mean, after all, it was still a party!

If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, make sure to check out the highlights in our gallery above to truly immerse yourself in the experience. ASAP Rocky’s Testing is available to stream now.

  • Photography by: Chris Loufty and Cameron Oates

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