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Melbourne rapper 360 broke Yeezus ground when he announced he would be selling $1000 VIP tickets for his upcoming national tour. For fans considering Cash Converting their vast collections of Cotton On singlets and NBA snapbacks to afford this, note that the crown jewel in the package is a selfie with the ‘Boys Like You’ rapper himself.

‘Watch what happens, in the next ten years everyone will be doing these kind of packages,’ the rapper promises, in an attempt to justify the steep fee, which seems to forget the fact that those people will probably be enormous global super brands.

To be fair though, ’60 is the highest selling Australian rapper of all time and the deal also includes access to watch him soundcheck, side-stage seats to the show, a pair of $200 custom autographed 360 x Sol Republic headphones and a vinyl copy of his new album Utopia.

In order to make the ticket even more, um, worthwhile, he is encouraged to consider these suggested package additions: bespoke fake Ray Ban sunglasses, 1 million cans of Monster energy drink or directions to JB Hi-fi Geelong where, if you say his name three times in a mirror, 360 appears at any time of day or night to take a selfie with you for free.