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Weekly updates

First up in today’s weird celebrity relationship news, it looks like rocker Axl Rose’s ex-wife is auctioning pretty much every artefact that remains of their turbulent relationship. I think it’s safe to say, that after an on-again-off-again partnership throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Erin Everly is totally over her Guns N’ Roses ex-hubby (maybe).

Up for grabs on the Julien’s Auctions site are some pretty intimate pieces from their time together, including some exhausting written exchanges, a copy of a domestic abuse report (because that’s always romantic) and their marriage certificate and wedding video – among a shitload of other really weird relationship paraphernalia.

My personal favourite is this lovely little birthday note he wrote to Everly:

“To Erin,
Sorry yo’ birthday sucked.
From Love, Axl.”


I totally understand the need to be rid of all evidence of a tumultuous relationship, though I’ve tended towards cutting things up or creating small bonfires – I’m not going to judge a girl for trying to cut a quick cheque though. Check out some snaps above or head to Juliens’ site for the full range of items.