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Halloween is upon us and even though it’s not as big a deal here in Australia, it doesn’t stop us from engaging in, or at least witnessing, its US-led celebration. At a time when we thought we should know better, photos and reports are still surfacing of young people showing in various blackface costumes to a slew of events.

This has obviously caused general outrage, with many taking to social media to vent their opinions about these misguide choices, and one of our local faves Baro decided to join the conversation last night. In a clearly heated post, Baro said, “…please white people DONT paint your face black this Halloween YOU FUCKING IDIOT WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD…” and goes on to share a few colourful opinions about what he sees as fitting consequence for such actions.

Of course, you can rarely state such a strongly-worded opinion online without the internet clapping back. Many people, who should probably be actual fans of his artist page, are being supportive, but what’s probably more worrying is the amount of people in his comment thread leaving some pretty negative opinions – things have been getting pretty ugly.

Check out his initial post above and see the ongoing conversation here.

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