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Bars: all the music we’re listening to right now

Featuring: Jay Z's '4:44' short film, new Tapz, and French Montana teams up with The Weeknd

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Weekly updates

Bars is Acclaim’s weekly wrap up of all the music we want you to get in on. Whether it’s new albums, mixtapes, tracks, or videos, we’re here wading through the noise to bring you only the finest happenings in the world of music. Hit the list below to see what we’ve been bumping this week.

01. French Montana – 'Jungle Rules'


French dropped his second album Jungle Rules on Friday and the result so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The album has 18 tracks overall—too many in the traditional album sense but a perfect number for today’s audiences who will mostly interact with it on streaming services, splitting it off in to their own playlists. It’s also bumper full of features with names like Travis Scott, Pharrell, Quavo, Future, Young Thug, and more. The Weeknd also gets in on lead single ‘A Lie’ with the video dropping the same day as the album.


02. Tapz – 'Murder Murder'

We’ve been following New Zealand based musician Tapz for a while now and are stoked to see him add more solid music to his growing catalogue. ‘Murder Murder’ is Tapz’s latest single which comes with an accompanying moody af video. It highlights the focus Tapz puts on artistry in everything he does, a sure sign of greater things to come.

03. Nina Las Vegas – 'Freeze'

Nina Las Vegas is firmly cementing her place as one of the hardest working people in Australian music. While running her own label and various tour dates, Nina somehow found time to make another single. ‘Freeze’ goes hard out but also manages to keep things interesting. There’s sounds here you’ll only discover after a couple of listens—treats to keep you coming back, which you certainly will.

04. Joyride – 'Kings and Queens'

Joyride literally destroys with his new clip, but don’t let that distract you from how good the track itself is. On ‘Kings and Queens’ he’s created the musical equivalent of a grower not a show-er. The first listen is good but it’s really after a couple of listens that you’ll appreciate it the most.

05. Vic Mensa – 'Rage' music video

Acclaim cover star Vic Mensa is gearing up to finally drop his long-anticipated studio album The Autobiography, which will be with us next week. As a part of the lead he’s release a video for single ‘Rage’ that obviously has some serious Roc Nation production value behind it—not that we’re complaining.

06. Jay Z – '4:44' short film


Jay Z keeps the 4:44 rollout coming, this time adding a short film to YouTube. The piece features clips of viral videos, news events, and performance footage of Jay and Bey, interspersed with interpretive dance. The track ‘4:44’ is cut throughout but not in it’s entirety so don’t come here looking for your standard music video.