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Weekly updates

Beat Junkies have been one of the biggest crews in turntablism and Hip-Hop at large since the early nineties, with J. Rocc and his band of merry, vinyl royals releasing some of the most important records in the game (cue. ‘The World Famous Beat Junkies Volume’s’)   and inspiring many of today’s legends (cue. Peanut Butter Wolf).

Imagine combing through the libraries of Rhettmatic, J Rocc, D Styles, Babuor any of the other crew members: terabytes of gold dust for your auditory pleasure. Well imagine no longer my friends. The classic collective have just created the Beat Junkies Record Pool, an online library comprised of decades worth of new and throwback tracks, featuring exclusive, custom edits, remixes and a rare cappellas ranging from funk, soul, disco, right through to top 40 material, breaks and even sound effects.

As DJ Babu expalins in the above vid, the project aims to give back to the Hip-Hop world and the new generation of DJ’s. Thanks guys.