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There’s obviously very prevalent similarities between Action Bronson and Wu-Tang king Ghostface Killah. Let’s face it, their vocal tones are basically identical, and they pretty much rap about the same kinda shit, so I understand where Ghost is coming from. Especially after Bronson shot a couple rounds his way on ESPN¬†residing phrases that are definitely a huge no-no in the book of rap beef, ¬†“He can’t rap like this no more”.

For every action, there’s often an equal and opposite reaction, and unfortunately for Action Bronson the reaction from Ghost wasn’t very friendly at all. So unfriendly I’m afraid that if I say anything bad about Ghostface in this article I’ll receive a message from him saying “Don’t let me hang you from a rope and gut you like a pig”, just like he did to Bronsolini.

On the lighter side of things, the six-minute clip is fucking remarkable. The way he talks to the camera is unlike any other. When I gaze at it, I truly feel like Ghostface is talking to me and I get a little worried. But then he’ll say something like “You walk around the club with no shoes on, big ass beard that one day I might set on fire” and I’ll snap back to realise everything is ok, phew.

Apparently, Action copped some of that heat and reached out to the rap veteran via Twitter to admit his wrongs and apologise, stating “When ur wrong ur wrong [sic]”.

But Ironman is pissed and refused to accept Action’s apology, answering simply ‘No’ when asked about it by Revolt TV. Someone else who is on his side is the always-outspoken Azealia Banks, weighing on Twitter to mirror GFK’s thoughts. What’s beef, huh?

Check out the Ghost’s masterpiece of a diss video, and the subsequent Twitter fall-out, in the gallery above.

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