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Interviews with Beyoncé have been few and far between. Her features in magazines are more likely to have an essay written by a Pulitzer Prize winner than quotes from the Queen herself. She went radio silent back in 2013 and did her last face-to-face interview in 2014. Instead, it’s her records, photo shoots and music videos which coalesce to create her image. Taking personal control in this area is but one of the tricks little sister Solange has picked up.

It’s something I’ve learned so much about from you, getting to be in control of your own narrative. And, at this point, it should be an expectation, not something that you’re asking permission for,” she said, in a recent interview with none other than Bey herself.

Yep, Beyonce has broken her interview hiatus to explore Solange’s inspirations and motivations for the groundbreaking A Seat At The Table. Indeed, 2016 was a pretty good year for the Knowles sisters. With Lemonade and A Seat both causing a frenzy in their own rights, this interview comes as much-needed closure for the emotional upheaval we all endured after both albums dropped.

But this interview, as lighthearted at times as it can be, showcases the depth of control the two have over their image. “I do have—and I’m unafraid to say it—a very distinctive, clear vision of how I want to present myself and my body and my voice and my perspective,” Solange said. “I wanted you to interview me for this piece. Because the album really feels like storytelling for us all and our family and our lineage. And having mom and dad speak on the album, it felt right that, as a family, this closed the chapter of our stories.” 

Where Beyoncé notes that she remembers thinking her sister was “going to be something super special,” Solange comments on the powerhouse of inspiration Beyoncé offered growing up. It’s a lesson in ditching sibling rivalry and opting to inspire each other instead. On a larger scale, the piece stands as a testimony to the benefits of not pitting women against each other and celebrating individuality instead. But mostly, it’s motivation to get shit done this year. A Seat took Solange four years to write and produce, ‘Cranes In The Sky’ was written eight years ago, and now she finally is reaping the much-deserved rewards of her grind. And with Beyoncé supporting here the whole way, it’s pretty clear who run the world.

You can read the piece in its entirety here and be sure to ogle the amazing shoot in the gallery above.

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