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Weekly updates

Holy fucking shit.

With absolutely no warning, Beyoncé has released a new album via iTunes, like today. The self-titled visual album features a mixture of audio and video assets, making up a 33 title-strong tracklist. The guestlist is short but sweet – with B keeping it in the family with her man and her offspring on the roll, as well as Drake and Frank Ocean, of course.

Slated for a December 13 release date, we here in the future have had a sneaky peek at some of the visuals and are pretty geed to see that little old lady’s house in Brunswick feature in one of the videos; which was directed by none other than ACCLAIM fave Lil Internet.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.16.06 pm

I actually didn’t know Bey was capable of being so completely under the radar but then again it is her and I’m now convinced that she’s actually the best at everything. In the minutes following the actual release, she also posted up this teaser video via her Instagram.

And here are some supportive words from her baby sis Solange.


And I have no doubt that, even without any pre-release hype, this album will make the internet go crazy. It really is time to bow down.

Check the full preview via iTunes here.