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Busta Rhymes has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault after allegedly throwing a protein shake at a gym employee. The Brooklyn rapper got into an altercation with the staff member after a camera crew, hired to film Busta’s workout, was denied entry to the New York City gym.

Busta Rhymes supposedly initiated the scuffle by splashing water onto the employee, who then splashed water back. The argument culminated in Busta launching a protein shake, apparently leaving a cut on the staff member’s forehead. Perhaps most intriguing: the specifics of which brand of protein shake Busta wielded during the altercation are currently unknown. Some sources suggest that it was Muscle Milk or Lean Body, and that the composition was most likely whey, although this is just speculation.

Busta took to Instagram last night to announce that he was going to utilise the events as inspiration for new studio material. The rapper is currently working on a follow up to his 1998 album, Extinction Level Event, entitled Extinction Level Event 2.

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