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Chance The Rapper is the anti-scalping hero we need

Music for the fans, not for the money

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Turns out that Chance The Rapper is not only a killer MC, but also just an all-round good guy. When opportunistic scalpers snagged tickets for his sold out Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in Chicago, Chance decided to buy out all 2000 of them and bring them back to his fans. Thanks to Chance, fans were able to buy the tickets at a reasonable price and dodge the outrageously inflated sums listed by scalpers. Look who’s laughing now, suckers.

“I took back almost 2k #MCD tix from fuckboy scalpers and made them into physicals. And these are just floor seats,” the MC tweeted victoriously, “That shit gotta be historic.”

The 2000 tickets reissued by Chance sold like wildfire, and the event is again sold out. Other performers at the festival include Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Skrillex, Alicia Keys and John Legend. No wonder everyone’s so hot to get their hands on tickets.

You can catch Chance The Rapper down under playing the summer festival circuit at Beyond The Valley, Origin NYE and Field Day.


  • Words: Maki Morita

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