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Sure, Halloween is a bigger deal in the US than here in Australia but we’ve definitely seen our fair share of spooky parties and events this weekend. Traditionally, this time of year also signals an onslaught of holiday-themed releases from some of our favourite music artists and this year, it’s lead by the welcome return of pop vanguard Charli XCX. Having announced the single ‘After the Afterparty’ just before we broke for the weekend, the singer has now unleashed the deliciously on-brand video clip for the Lil Yachty collab.

The clip dropped just in time for Halloween but don’t expect it to be a dark and sombre affair. Much like Charli’s brand of music, the video is sickly sweet (featuring so much pink you might think there’s some sort of filter on it) but features the edge of the undead – with zombies and other ghoulish mates getting in on the festivities.

‘After the Afterparty’ is set to feature on Charli’s forthcoming album, and if the presence of Lil Yachty and producer SOPHIE on this track is anything to go by, we’re in for one hell of a record from the British artist.

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