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As every harassed member of resort staff in Nassau can confirm, DJ Khaled’s single ‘Hold you Down’ is number one in the US right now (at least I think that’s what he’s saying, he kind of skims over it). While this might seem like a huge win for Khaled and his team (that’s Chris Brown, Future, August Alsina and Jeremih in case you didn’t catch that) as usual, it’s the general public who are the real winners in this situation, being treated to more #insp. than any one person should be able to generate.

This time, it comes with the release of a 12-minute vacay video documenting his time in the Bahamas and a lengthy reflection on his success (as well as chicken wings and jet-skis ‘cos you know, DJ Khaled). That means that even when Khaled is back to his usual routine of saying his name at the start of songs, regular nerds can be motivated to do better at their viewing convenience.

Attn: Alanis, looks like God really is one of us.


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