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It’s highly likely by now that you’ve heard Tyler the Creator’s newest track, ‘Fuck It’, which was released earlier this morning. The highly charged track mirrors the exact sentiments of its title, addressing the rapper’s ongoing dramas and firing shots at Australia, specifically.

“Tell Australia I’m sneaking in with a mic in my hand / Instead of the vegetables that I packed in my backpack / When Marshall had this problem what the fuck was they telling him? / Is it ‘cause of status or his melanin lacks black.”

Activist group Collective Shout were very vocal prior to Tyler’s recent decision to cancel his Australian tour and they copped a lot of backlash following the move. Obviously, this new track has sparked a reaction from them but, unlike GetUp’s recent backtrack, they’re not changing they’re stance on the situation.

Speaking to AAP, campaigns manager Caitlin Roper said “he’s essentially had a tantrum to music.”

“While he may have been a young man when he wrote music describing raping women, mutilating their bodies, locking them in his basement and raping their corpses, he’s not a child anymore, and he is yet to grow up and take responsibility for what he has put out into the world.”

However, Roper did acknowledge the group also petitioned for the same action to be taken against Eminem back in 2014. Obviously, the outcome of that campaign was very different. Check out Tyler’s new track and his Twitter announcement in the gallery above.

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