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We’re pretty sure this is 40% programming and 60% magic, but New York sculpture company Reify has developed software that can reinterpret sound waves as patterned, three dimensional objects. The software analyses the sound file and a user shifts the scope and form of the 3D object by entering factors like mood, timbre, tempo and variation. While the finished product isn’t going to be instantly recognisable for the song it represents, it’s definitely an awesome use of evolving tech. In case you’re doubting the connection between the physical product and the original song, the company is also developing a mobile app that can recognise the source audio an object is based off. Check out some examples of their experiments in motion in the gallery above as well as a video demonstrating the process.

Really though, I just want OT Genasis’ ‘CoCo’ as a hat rack. How long do I have to wait?


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