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Weekly updates

Converse recently announced their Cons label ­– a sub-brand focused on the street lifestyle market and those who shape the scene it embodies. Evolving the notion of the generic skate team, Cons have revealed a team of creative ambassadors who are the who’s-who of those progressing the culture through the various genres of skate, art, music and style. The guys will soon feature in a campaign shot by the iconic photographer, Ari Marcopoulos and as a little get-to-know-you, we had a chin-wag with a few of them. Think of it like those icebreaker sessions at O-week, but you’ll meet people you’d actually wanna hang out with. First up is NY producer/rapper and one half of Run Your Jewels ­– El-P.

What inspired you to first get into hip-hop and do those same things motivate you?

Every high school I went to kicked me out, so I figured the next logical step was to try and be a rapper.  Made sense at the time.  Now I just don’t have any other marketable job skills.

How do you get inspired on a daily basis?

1 cup of coffee, 1 joint.  Repeat.

What was one of the hardest obstacles you’ve had to work through in your career to date?

Figuring out how to make decent music with no discernable talent.

What are the last 3 songs you listened to?

The new Run The Jewels demos.

How important is your solo work to you as an artist? Are there things you can do solo that aren’t possible in a partnership like Run the Jewels?

The solo stuff is my true artistic statement – the place in which I get to indulge in my own bullshit, terror, mania and idiocy fully. The group stuff is a safe haven from my own mind.  On that stuff Mike has to take the blame too.

Do you have any rituals for getting yourself into getting-shit-done-mode?

Did I mention weed and coffee yet?

Similarly, any rituals for getting the party started?

Usually it starts with reminding myself that I should probably just stay in and work, coupled with a complete acceptance that I’m about to make some huge mistakes.

What will you be doing tomorrow?


What do you think you’ll be doing in ten years?


How would you like to be remembered?

Wait… Am I going somewhere?  WHAT DO YOU KNOW???

Hear more from the Cons ambassadors at conversecons.com