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RU - Predicting future Kanye West collaborations with aging rockers

Now that Kanye West has wheeled out Sir Paul McCartney for that Guess Jeans commercial/song with Rihanna and mind-numbingly awkward video, it’s inevitable that he’ll soon set his sights on some more ageing rockers to add to his Pokémon collection. Here are some possible victims/suspects:

Phil Collins

Everyone’s favorite balding former drummer has previously blessed Bone Thugs N Harmony with his vocals and Kanye has been known to bust out an auto-tune version of ‘In The Air Tonight’ in concert.


This has already happened on stage, as Kanye jumped up with The Police and John Mayer at Live Earth in 2010. Perhaps they can record a 30 minute opus to the joys of tantric sex set over some mandolin music.

Jimmy Page

This might be a good idea for the legendary Led Zep guitarist, if only to wash away the stink from the horrible song he did with Puffy for the Godzilla soundtrack.

Ozzy Osbourne

Kanye already borrowed the tune from ‘Iron Man’ for part of 2010’s ‘Hell of a Life,’ so why not lock these two in a room for a month and see who can snort the most ants?

Bruce Springsteen

These two sort of shared the same stage when Bono was unable to lead U2 at last years World AIDS Day concert, so following Mr. West’s performance backed by The Edge and company, Bruce took the reigns. It’s difficult to imagine that Springsteen would give two fux about rap, but for the right price, who knows?

David Bowie

The closest that the Thin White Duke came to stepping into the rap game was when 45 King remixed ‘Fame’ and tacked on some Queen Latifah raps, but considering how out there dude has been over his storied career, I’m sure he could take Kanye’s kilt and raise him an androgynous alter ego.

Bob Dylan

West’s buddy Jay-Z declared himself “the Bob Dylan of rap music” on ‘Open Letter’ in 2013, and there was a weird infographic comparing ‘Ye and Bob’s lyrical content a while back. This week Dylan released an album of songs that were previously recorded by Frank Sinatra, so who’s to say that ‘Dylan won’t tackle ‘808’s and Heartbreak’ in six months? Not impossible, seeing as though they’ve both appeared in Victoria Secret promotions and Bob recorded a song with Kurtis Blow back in 1986.

Roger Waters

Having declared that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is “the new Roger Waters” can’t have done Kanye any favors if he hopes to recruit the Pink Floyd veteran for some bass and vocal work on future projects, although their shared love of pyramids and self-indulgent stage shows is certainly a shared passion.

Mick Jagger

Sure, the aging Rolling Stones frontman is renowned for his “swagger” and both he and Kanye “outraged” member of the audience at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in 2012, but does that mean that he’ll get in the studio with Mr. Kardashian? Perhaps they can do a 2015 remake of King Tee’s Stone’s based ‘Diss You’?


Apparently this has already happened on a 2012 Swizz Beatz song that still hasn’t been released, but that’s no reason why these two men of much hubris and ego shouldn’t make beautiful music together while competing in some kind of pissing contest to determine who has their head further up their own collective arses.

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