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Bibi Bourelly has dropped yet another new track for us, and the singer/songwriter is definitely about keeping things diverse. While she continues to push her powerful messages, she’s not afraid to experiment with her sound and ‘Sally’ is certainly a more upbeat take on her usual instrumentals. And if you’re wondering who Sally is, the singer revealed all when speaking to Billboard recently about her new track.

“Sally is just a song that I wrote talking to my alter ego… I’m not like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce but in that moment [writing the song], I was being too much of a bitch to say ‘Bibi’ so I said ‘Sally.'”

The single also features an interactive Tumblr video component, created by Master of Shapes, that allows you to create your own clip, personalised according to your Tumblr-based website (check ours out here). And if you think yours is actually pretty fucking good, you can enter it in Bibi’s video contest.

Weekly updates