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Weekly updates

This coming Monday, the newly minted Pilerats Records (they’re responsible for that world-beating Sable track ‘Feels So Good’) unleash a 12-track compilation, featuring new and unreleased music from some of your favourite international artists, and a smattering of amazing Aussie stuff you may not have heard yet. And it’s all free.

We’ll start you off with an audiovisual clue. Can you guess who this contributing artist to the Pilerats comp is? (Clue : ‘Help Me Get To The Land Of Opportunity’.)

There’s also a flyer celebrating the EP release that you can see below, but it’s a bit of a puzzle. See if you can work out who they’ve got for the release using the clues below, then head to their SoundCloud, cop them a follow, and head back there on Monday Feb 10 for the full drop of all 12 tracks.