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Weekly updates

Matt Daniels has created a website that allows you to cut your own sequences from a library of classic vocal and instrument samples. Sample Stitch arranges samples from J Dilla’s ‘Don’t Cry’, 9th Wonder’s ‘Impressknowsoul’ and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’, and gives you the ability to cut them with sequences made by the original producers.

Daniels explains: “I’ve been re-constructing hip hop songs from their original samples, and every time I’ve been fascinated by the producer’s choices. Before we take a look at each sample, you might have noticed how weird it is to compose with milliseconds of a song. Producers are studying these moments for hours. They understand the minutia – the exact note at the exact millisecond that creates an interesting beat. I wish that more people understood this process and gift, so I’ve re-created the process of chopping up a sample, just as a producer would. Note: I’m providing these samples to you on a platter. This is no way accounts for the hours/days spent crate-digging.”

Check out Sample Stitch here.